Thursday, October 21, 2010

The People Have Spoken

I'm back from a morning of thrifting.  I ran into three of my friends this morning, and they each warned me not to talk about our store.  It's like a great neighborhood restaurant - we all want to enjoy it, but we worry about it becoming so popular that we can no longer find a seat.  In honor of my fellow thrifters, I'll refrain from the shout-outs.  FOR NOW.  

It's not like anyone but me reads this anyhow.

Here are my friends Rachel and Laura sifting through the racks.  You can't see her footwear, but Rachel is wearing a pair of knee high black leather Birkenstock boots. Bought, of course, at the store that shall remain unnamed. 

Laura might be wearing a thrifted coat.  I like the houndstooth, and I think I may steal her handbag.


Also at the store? Johnnie Niell of The Donovan Ensemble.  He was holding on to an American Flag as well as a very cool vintage Malboro shirt.

Johnnie's the one I wrote about last week - he bought a great cabinet, but couldn't take it home on his 10 speed.

If you're looking for some live theater, make sure you check out The Donovan Ensemble.   They perform all over and the show is fantastic.  Johnnie has great legs, and Joe has a wicked pencil-thin moustache.

Did I buy anything?  Yes, a few pieces.  I'll take some pics and load them up later.

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