Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Official, I'm Addicted

It's Thursday, so it must be 25% off for members at Unique.   Today's deals weren't as great as Monday's (50% off), but still pretty decent.   The bonus of shopping on a Thursday is that it's much calmer, and you still get a decent discount.  

I went to Unique for some specific items today.   I've started running my very own BnB,  so lots of the recent purchases have been to furnish the room.   Everything with the BnB is going great, so I'm expanding by adding the next spare room.   A badly timed double booking last week forced us into buying a bed a bit earlier than we had budgeted, but I got a good deal on the mattress set and frame.   I ended up buying a queen size bed, hence the purchases of the flat sheets last week.  The rest of the room is pretty bare, so it's a pretty clean slate.

I decided to go as classic a decor as I know how.  To mean, that means very simple bedding, curtains, prints, etc.  The walls are kind of cream, so I wanted to do everything in very neutral tones. I haven't quite decided what color my 'punch' will be....I'm leaning towards black accents.'s what I bought today:

Table lamp with a beige lampshade and crystal (ok, not real crystal - either clear resin or plastic) base. Original price - $14.99, on sale for $11.25

Twee little Wedgewood Beatrix Potter bowl.  I have no idea what I'll do with it, but it's so cute.  Maybe I'll put some thread on wooden spools and some needles in it - a little sewing kit.  Original price $1.00, on sale for 75¢.  BTW, just learned the shortcut for ¢ on MAC, therefore I'm using the ¢ key as often as I can.

 Set of two floor to ceiling pleated looseweave linen curtains. Lined! Original price $9.99 on sale for $7.50

King size cream covered duvet - polished cotton.  This will be a bit big for the queen comforter (purchased last week), but it's easy enough to take in if it's too massive.  Original price $6.99 on sale for $5.25.  I've been home an hour, and this duvet cover is already on the last cycle of a boiling hot bleach wash.  Safety first!

Four wood framed fruit/vegetable prints for kitchen wall.  Original price $1.25 each, sale price $3.75 for the set of four.

Sweet strawberry and polka dot hankie.  Original price $1.00, on sale for 75¢

I am not allowing myself to go back to that store unless I have a list of specific items to look for.  I will not allow myself any deviations.  Ha.

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