Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Columbus Day Sale at Unique

Do you know about  Unique?  It's a for-profit chain of thrift stores in New Jersey.   Unique is officially my favorite thrift store of all time.  What they do is buy bulk lots of donated goods and re-sell them.  Some people might find this business a bit shady, but just because it's a thrift store, that doesn't mean it's a charity.  They buy from charities, in this case,  mainly the Lupus Foundation.  

My local Unique is a few blocks away, so I end up going once a week or so.   There's a group of us that scour the racks on a regular basis and we love talking about our finds and our deals.  Yesterday happened to be 50% off day, since it was a holiday.  I almost forgot that it was a super-deal day, but remembered as soon as I saw the packed parking lot.

Here's what I bought yesterday:

6 matching juice glasses - really pretty footed glasses.  Original price 99¢, final price $3.00 for six
Queen size Kate Spade flat sheet (white with embroidered top border).  Original price $4.99, final price $2.50
Queen size West Elm flat sheet (white with patterned top border). Original price $3.99, final price $1.99
J. Crew Madras Patch shorts.  Original price $3.99, final price $1.99
Geoffrey Beene paisley silk tie for Jay.  Original price $4.99, final price $2.50
Charles Tywhitt mini-gingham checked dress shirt with french cuffs.  Original price $14.99, final price $7.50
Charles Tywhitt blue checked dress shirt.  Original price $9.99, final price $5.00
Bristol White formal shirt (initials ERP on cuff).  Original price $14.99, final price $7.50

That's it - my shopping trip was a success.  I spent over an hour picking through piles and racks, and only spent around $40.

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