Sunday, October 17, 2010

All I bought was a water jug!

It's Sunday, and not normally a day that I'd be at Unique.  But there I was.  

I had no intention of heading to my favorite place, but a call from a friend this afternoon soon meant a change of plans.    Johnnie, a fellow Unique regular, wanted to buy a beautiful chest of drawers.  Not exactly something he could sling across his back and ride home on his ten-speed, so he needed to find a way to get it home before he could even consider buying it.   I was in the checkout line at WalMart (curtain rod, two pumpkins and a turkey platter), so it was no problem and not at all out of my way to swing by.

15 minutes later and I had a ceramic water jug in my hand, was seriously considering a set of light blue dishes and was wondering whether it was too early to lay out Christmas decorations that caught my eye.

Thankfully Johnnie was ready to pack up the chest, so some serious decisions had to be made.   It was a full price day, so I needed to be judicious.   Five minutes later the dishes were back on the shelf, the Christmas decorations dropped at the counter and I left with only a water jug.  Close one.

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