Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things I Like In Union City

One of the things I like in Union City is the ability to get a great haircut and highlights.  I've just come back from my go-to guy, Guillermo.  He owns and operates GM Salon (I've already told him he *needs* a website!).

I've been going to Guillermo since I moved to Union City two years ago, and I've left happy every time.  I guess I could have put some lipstick on to take this picture, but he refused to take a picture by himself, so I had to jump in.

Guillermo also does make-up application, eyebrow waxing, and my favorite - eyelash extensions.   Have you ever had eyelash extensions done?  It's usually quite expensive. I know that a friend in Vancouver, BC had them done at the Holt Renfrew salon, and it cost $100.  The extensions last about two weeks if you're careful, but at Guillermo's rates ($30) it's not so expensive that you can't do it for a special night out.  

My husband goes to Guillermo as well, as do a few friends in the 'hood.  In fact, my neighbors on either side go to him too!   I used to have a phenomenal stylist when I lived in Toronto, and since moving to the states, nobody's made me as happy as Jeff (now Jett) made me.

In any case, I wanted to highlight this local business and I hope that next time you need a haircut, you'll go see Guillermo!

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