Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm buying my own shopping cart

I was taking a look through my closets the other day, and realized how much stuff I have from my favorite second hand store.  I have a memory card full of images that I'll post soon, although most of the images are from last weeks 50% off sale. 

I had a few hours to spare last Thursday, and thought I'd go look for a potato masher.   Weird, innit?   I have had my eye out for a good old-fashioned masher for a while, and finally broke down and bought a new one.   Excellent if you're mashing a few spuds, but not up to the heavy duty tasks that I have planned for Thanksgiving dinner.  I want the old school coiled metal one.  Anyhoo - I can tell that something is up as I pull into the parking lot.  Not an empty space anywhere.  Veteran's Day, which by Unique's standards is holiday enough to do their usual 50% off holiday sale.   Not exactly the way I'd normally choose to honor the fallen, but nevertheless, there I was.  

I knew I was in for some trouble fun when I saw people waiting like vultures for shoppers to leave to grab their carts.   I'm totally buying my own shopping cart.  That, or I can steal one from Shoprite and spray paint it pepto-bismal pink.  The reality is most likely a granny cart.  How cool would it be if I could find a granny cart *at* Unique?

The store was packed, and I was pleased to hear the constant loud speaker announcements to "mind your children".  Except nobody was minding their children.  Or rather, they certainly weren't minding that their children were running around the store screaming.  Can you tell that I'm childless?   I must admit, though, that I felt sympathy (for both parties) when I saw an older lady hit a running kid in the head with her cart.  I almost grabbed her cart while she was bent over consoling the crying boy.  Don't worry, I'm not that heartless.

No potato masher.   But I did pick up some star shaped candle holders, a beautiful cut glass bowl that I'll use for trifle, a BURBERRY skirt!!! and a great cardigan.


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